Khi Tương Lai " Sherlock Season 5 Có Không, Kháng Cáo Liên Tục Của Sherlock Holmes

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Although there"s still hope for Sherlock season 5, the truth is that a new season isn"t necessary & could be a big mistake – here"s why.

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Sherlock season 5 may not happen due khổng lồ scheduling conflicts and lack of story material, but Mark Gatiss has been considering a direct-to-TV movie as a possible way to lớn continue the franchise. There is a possibility that Sherlock season 5 could be made into a movie instead, which could be more realistic & easier to fit into everyone's schedule. The competition in the current television landscape makes it less likely that Sherlock season 5 would be as special or successful as it was when it first debuted. It may be better for new adaptations to take the spotlight.
The BBC’s Sherlock was a favorite among fans of Sherlock Holmes, và while there has been a lot of Sherlock season 5 news và rumors for years, the truth is that the return of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes would be a mistake. Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes is one of the most recognizable literary characters, and his success has been such that he và his most memorable cases have been adapted lớn all types of media for over a century. The đài truyền hình bbc version, simply titled Sherlock, was created by Steven Moffat và Mark Gatiss & brought the Great Detective (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his partner và friend John Watson (Martin Freeman) lớn modern-day London.

Sherlock was praised for its stories và the performances of its main cast, especially the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock himself. However, while it was a success with the audience, it was also heavily criticized during its final seasons. The show aired from 2010 to lớn 2017 for four seasons, one mini-episode, and a special episode, và while the first two seasons were very well-received by critics và viewers, the final seasons weren’t as successful, và the fourth season was heavily criticized. Still, rumors about Sherlock season 5 have been floating around for years, with Gatiss & Moffat giving fans hope from time khổng lồ time, but a growing movement even within the fandom feels Sherlock season 5 would now be a mistake. Here's why.

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The Latest Sherlock Season 5 News


The chances of Sherlock season 5 might not be very high, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman are finished with playing Holmes and Watson. It has been six years since the last season of Sherlock, và demand for season 5 hasn't waned in this time. However, it might not be a new TV season if Sherlock returns. There is a chance that Sherlock season 5 could end up as a movie instead, at least as far as comments from creator Mark Gatiss in a July 2023 interview indicate.

Gatiss said that it is hard lớn get movies and TV shows lượt thích Sherlock season 5 made, something he's seen proven time and time again. Gatiss even mentioned the eight years that Edgar Wright spent working on Ant-Man for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, và then ended up never getting it made before leaving the project. Gatiss has been looking at Sherlock season 5 for eight years, và that a Sherlock movie option is looking increasingly likelier.

"We were genuinely interested in making them for TV because we love TV. We would love lớn make a Sherlock movie. It’s the natural thing to do."

Making Sherlock season 5 into a movie could be more realistic than another TV series. Rather than three episodes that required almost five hours of footage, one movie could kiểm tra in at about two hours & the team could shoot it in a fraction of the time that they would make a TV show. An important consideration, since both Benedict Cumberbatch và Martin Freeman have incredibly busy schedules which could make creating more Sherlock difficult.

Sherlock theoretically wouldn't require a ton of special effects lượt thích a Cumberbatch or Freeman MCU movie, & it could be easier to lớn fit into everyone's schedule. It also doesn't have to lớn be a theatrical release and could kết thúc up as a streaming exclusive, fitting in with the four seasons as a package deal. It would still require a commitment from both Freeman và Cumberbatch, but it is at least more viable than Sherlock season 5.


Though a risk bringing the famed detective into the modern world, Sherlock was a successful adaptation, finding a fit for some of these famous cases in the present-day setting. His cases to the modern world. Sherlock himself seized the giải pháp công nghệ of the modern era & the show added current social issues & more to lớn the cases khổng lồ make them more grounded. This, along with Cumberbatch & Freeman’s performances, was key lớn Sherlock’s success, so it’s not surprising that fans would still want Sherlock season 5 despite the decrease in chất lượng in the show’s final episodes.

However, there's been no concrete movement on Sherlock season 5. Because Sherlock Holmes belongs lớn the public domain, there will probably always be new adaptations of the character, and this is for the best. There's very little motivating a Sherlock season 5 since the actors are busy, there's no more story khổng lồ tell, & the show already hit a downward trend from which it could struggle lớn return. As such, the only real reason for the bbc to keep making Sherlock season 5 would be that Doyle's works are in the public domain, & Sherlock Holmes is, therefore, one of the cheapest IPs on which to lớn base televisual materials.

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As driving factors go, though, this idea does little khổng lồ inspire faith that Sherlock season 5 would actually be worth the investment or lead to a high-quality end product. Each iteration of Holmes in the past few decades, whether Cumberbatch's, Robert Downey Jr.'s, Johnny Lee Miller's, or Henry Cavill's, has brought something unique and interesting to lớn the table, which helps keep the character & his world fresh và exciting. The BBC's Sherlock seems to lớn have clearly run its course và should instead take a step back & let new adaptations take the spotlight.


Talks about Sherlock season 5 began in 2017, not long after season 4 aired, but years later hasn't materialized. The issue hasn't entirely been due to lack of demand, either. The main initial problem back in 2017 when Sherlock season 4 concluded was Cumberbatch và Freeman’s schedules. Their careers took off during Sherlock, & both Freeman & Cumberbatch are now part of the MCU in addition to lớn other projects, so it’s understandable that finding a Sherlock season 5 schedule that works for everyone has been difficult.

Gatiss, Cumberbatch, & Freeman have all expressed interest at one time or another in Sherlock season 5, but they always expressed uncertainty about it actually happening. Moffat insisted he was still xuất hiện to reviving Sherlock, but reminded the audience that, at the kết thúc of the day, it all depends on Cumberbatch và Freeman’s availability.


One of the biggest questions when talking about Sherlock season 5 is what the main plot of the season could be, and the truth is that there’s little the show could vì chưng now, as the detective’s best cases have already been used. For example, Sherlock’s pilot episode was based on A Study In Scarlet, season 2’s premiere episode riffed on “A Scandal in Bohemia," there’s an episode based on The Hound of the Baskervilles, and the series finale referenced many other popular cases. Surely, there are still some cases Sherlock season 5 could use, but a big part of the charm of the series was seeing those classic cases playing out in the modern world.

Sherlock season 4 wasn’t a favorite for critics and viewers, but it did one thing right: giving the show a true ending. Sherlock season 4's finale was the messiest and most implausible episode in the whole series by far, with Eurus kidnapping Mycroft (Gatiss), Sherlock, và Watson và forcing them into sinister games lớn save their lives. However, everything Eurus mix up felt like a colossal shark jump. Once the mess was over, Eurus was once more locked up in a mental institution, but Sherlock visited her sometimes, và they played the violin together for their parents and Mycroft.

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John also found a video message from Mary encouraging him lớn keep working with Sherlock, và the detective và the doctor continued working together in many, many more cases. Sherlock season 5, then, isn’t necessary at all, as the series was ultimately given a proper ending with no loose ends, & Sherlock & Watson could finally continue working together without their lives constantly being in danger, which is what they deserved after everything they went through.

The final seasons of Sherlock didn't hold up to lớn the first two, which led lớn much criticism & disappointment. Sherlock season 3 covered the return of the Great Detective after his supposed death in season 2’s finale “The Reichenbach Fall,” but the series failed to lớn give a proper explanation of how Sherlock faked his death so well. With Sherlock back, the series then shifted its focus somewhat to the introduction of Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington) & the twist of her having a criminal past. It began lớn feel like Sherlock was throwing twists at the audience for the sake of it rather than through compelling storytelling.

Although Sherlock season 3 was messy, it was nothing compared khổng lồ season 4, which saw the death of Mary (who jumped in front of a bullet khổng lồ save Sherlock) and introduced Eurus Holmes (Sian Brooke), the third Holmes sibling who up to that point had never been mentioned, making her whole arc unbelievable & absurd. Sherlock season 4 also continued season 3’s failed attempts to add more humor và made Sherlock’s deduction skills completely unbelievable, hurting everything Sherlock built in its first two seasons – & while it’s understandable that after such failures fans would lượt thích to see Sherlock season 5, it could keep damaging the series.

When Sherlock debuted in 2010, it was a thrilling show that featured cleverly written mysteries & an entertaining detective on the case. However, the television landscape is very different from what it was in 2010, or even 2017 when Sherlock was last on television. There are countless murder mystery series, lượt thích Rian Johnson's Poker Face, that give Sherlock a lot more competition than the show had first when starting out. Suddenly, it might not seem like Sherlock season 5 would be such a special show anymore.

Even in terms of Sherlock Holmes stories, the Netflix Enola Holmes franchise has introduced a new generation to lớn these stories và might make Sherlock season 5 look stuffy by comparison. Even with its less popular season, Sherlock has a strong legacy lớn be proud of without the need to lớn return for more. However, coming back for an ill-advised Sherlock season 5 could simply prove that fans of the show have moved on.


Ter of Sherlock Holmes vẫn tồn tại hơn một cụ kỷ và đang thường xuyên tăng lên.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Thám tử danh tiếng đã tận thưởng sự hồi sinh trong văn hóa đại bọn chúng với các bộ phim truyền hình thời tiến bộ Sherlock cùng Tiểu học. Sherlock được tạo nên bởi Steven Moffat và Mark Gatiss của Doctor Ai nổi tiếng và chuyển thám tử tứ vấn, bởi Benedict Cumberbatch thủ vai, cho London cụ kỷ 21. Cùng với anh ấy là phần đông người thân phụ thân thân quen khácracters tự storđó là John Watson (Martin Freeman), Moriarty (Andrew Scott), bà Hudson (Una Stubbs) cùng Mycroft Holmes (Gatiss). Mon trước, một Sherlock đặc biệt gọi là Cô dâu xứng đáng ghét được trình chiếu tại Hoa Kỳ trên kênh PBS nhằm tỏ lòng kính trọng so với thám tử Victorian England gốc.

Tiểu học hiện tại đang phát sóng mùa thứ tứ trên CBS. Nó được tạo thành bởi Rob Doherty và có Holmes, vì Jonny Lee Miller thủ vai, sinh sống ở thành phố New York và các bạn diễn Lucy Liu là cựu bác bỏ sĩtor- thám tử xoay đầu Joan Watson. Trong lúc Sherlock loạt phim gồm Lestrade (Rupert Graves) là tín đồ liên lạc của công an thám tử, Tiểu học dựa nhiều hơn thế nữa vào Gregson (Aidan Quinn), được tưởng tượng lại như một nhóm trưởng cảnh sát New York, cùng người thân phụ nguyên bảnracter Detective Bell (Jon Michael Hill). Chúng ta "Bell" nhắc đến ts Joseph Bell, fan Doyle đã làm việc và là nguồn xúc cảm cho characcuối thuộc của Sherlock Holmes.

Nếu bạn có nhu cầu theo kịp Tiểu học tập or Sherlock, chúng ta cũng có thể tìm Phần 1 đến 3 của cả hai loạt trong danh mục của chúng tôi.

Bên cạnh những chương trình truyền hình mà Sherlock Holmes stortôi có cảm hứng (phân trang ts House), sách cùng phim tương quan đến thám tử quan sát được bao gồm bên dưới.



Một nghiên cứu và phân tích ở Sherlock và theo dõi của chính nó Trong công ty của Sherlock Holmes, cả hai hoàn toàn có thể được tra cứu thấy trong hạng mục hoặc bên trên LIÊN KẾT Plus. Cả nhì tiêu đề mọi chứa storcác nội dung bài viết của các tác giả khác nhau để tưởng niệm Doyle với Sherlock Holmes bằng phương pháp liên quan mang lại character (các) hoặc tham khảo các thành quả và / hoặc characters trong thủ đoạn của họ. Những Mary Russell loạt phim bí hiểm của Laurie R. King cũng có Holmes, hiện vẫn nghỉ hưu làm cho nghề nuôi ongtoring Russell làm thám tử. Cuộc nhận ra của họ bắt đầu với Học viên nuôi ong.

Phim Điện Ảnh

Một ánh nhìn khác về Sherlock Holmes lúc 1 thám tử già mở ra dưới hình thức Ông Holmes, một bộ phim truyền hình với Ian Mc
Kellan trong vai trò tiêu đề. Robert Downey Jr. Với Jude Law cũng đóng vai chính là một Holmes và Watson trẻ rộng trong phim Sherlock Holmes cùng theo dõi, Sherlock Holmes: A trò chơi of Shadows.

Tôi hy vọng bạn có thú vui "điều tra" hồ hết vật phẩm này và khám phá ra nhiều hóa thân của Sherlock Holmes.